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Conquest provides assistance planning and implementing projects and foreign investments strategies, our mission is to provide Governments and Private sectors with all of the skills and tools they need to make their development goals a reality. We can handle the entire process from planning to execution or focus ourselves more narrowly, depending on their needs.

Conquest was established to meet the needs of the service who:

  • Is looking for the necessary information to reinforce the economy for local development and to access foreign markets.
  • Is facing marketing intangibles challenges, characterized by the need to raise awareness and demonstrate credibility.
  • Understands the value of strategic planning for its cost-effectiveness with respect to avoiding mistakes.
  • Needs to identify the right partners and/or alliances in order to succeed in a new environment.
  • Values sensitivity to cultural differences which can affect the bottom line.

Conquest’s partners have more than 30 years of experience in successfully planning and executing international business development and investments strategies. Our expertise includes, financing, market research, business modeling, government negotiations and the creation of partnerships and joint ventures.

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